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At Compound Dynamics we are building on the long history of manufacturing and machine production in Wisconsin.  Iconic names like Giddings and Lewis, Mercury Marine and Harley Davidson all call Wisconsin home.  Tool and die trades and metal working have been a part of the culture for over a century.  We intend to build on that culture and history and become an Iconic name in the 3D Printing industry.



Our machine was designed with every step of the 3D printing process in mind so it is a complete package.  By implementing Design for Manufacturing theory into every part our design is also easy to maintain, thereby providing great value to you the customer.   We are utilizing the latest Fiber Laser cutting, CNC Milling, Water Jet and Powder coating technologies to bring you a modern machine tool.  Strong, accurate and built to last.  


When you buy a machine from Compound Dynamics, our goal is to make you a highly satisfied customer.  The process should be easy.  Simple terms, on-time delivery, quick communication, excellent machine performance and quick service if you need it.  Compound Dynamics is an entrepreneur led company with personal service from people that really care.


Jared Wesenick brings decades of experience to the start of Compound Dynamics.  During 17 years of designing and developing hundreds of custom production machines, his most significant achievements were a 500 station Automated Storage and Retrieval System and an 8 axis CNC Tubular Spinning Lathe.  In 2012 he accepted an international role, working to improve company operations in the China and Mexico facilities.  The highlight of his International experience was managing a greenfield factory start-up in India.  Having traveled enough he moved back to a domestic role in 2016 as a capital projects manager and started another factory in the US.  Most recently he has been selecting and sourcing custom automation solutions from worldwide suppliers.  3D printing became an interest a few years ago and he saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to use his design and manufacturing experience.  His passion is to create the best 3D Industrial Printer company you could ever hope to do business with.  On the personal side, he is married with 3 adult children, makes a hobby of old Jeeps and lives in his hometown in Wisconsin.


Tel: 715-571-5605

229056 Denali Road, Wausau, WI 54403

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