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Large prints are our specialty but we are can also print very fine detail, or multiple small parts very effectively.  Our smallest filament nozzle is 0.6mm which is good for fine detail, even on large prints.  The largest pellet nozzle is 5.0 mm to build large models very quickly.  With a high temp print bed and heated chamber, engineering materials are also within our capabilities. 

With the speed and accuracy of our machines we are confident we can print your parts to your satisfaction at competitive rates.  View our Gallery for a sampling of projects we've completed.


We have partnered with COEX LLC to provide high quality filament for our print services and to our customers.  Their filaments work extremely well for large models due to the reduced warping characteristics, excellent spool winding and precise diameter control.


COEX 3D is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality 3D printing materials in the industry. We are located in the heart of the Midwest in Pulaski, WI, USA. We adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring optimal performance and premium resolution of all our 3D printing materials. Our advanced extrusion equipment and laser micrometers ensure quality and consistency of our 3D printer filament. We use only prime virgin resins, and colorants to ensure our customers can rely on COEX 3D filament.


If you need assistance designing your parts for effective printing, we are here to help.   Recently we were challenged to print a part in under 2 hours.  The initial design had a threaded feature that required printing with a fine nozzle and small layer height resulting in a print time of 10 hours. By redesigning the threaded section, we were able to increase the nozzle and layer height and produced the part in under  2 hours; meeting all performance criteria.

We will be in touch with you shortly!

We designed this CD Lounge Chair specifically for Vase mode printing with our largest filament nozzle.  Relatively light and quick printing with impressive strength.

Chair Inventor.jpg

Print preview in Simplify 3D.  Left side on bed. 2.4mm nozzle with 1.0mm layer height.  PETG material.

Chair Simplify 2.JPG

The print ran perfectly and the result looks great in the office!

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